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TechDebt 2020
Thu 8 - Fri 9 October 2020 Location to be announced
co-located with ICSE 2020

Every foreign visitor wishing to enter the Republic of Korea (South Korea) must have a Korean visa, or the visitor’s country of residence must have a visa-free agreement with the Korean government.

Invitation Letter

An official invitation letter will be sent to a registrant upon request. If you need an invitation letter to participate in ICSE 2020, please download and fill out the Invitation Letter Application form, and then send it to reg@icse2020.org, the ICSE 2020 secretariat. An official invitation letter will be sent only to those who have registered for the conference with the appropriate payment made to the conference registrar. Note that this invitation implies no obligation for the visa to actually be issued.

Invitation Letter Application Form

Visa-free countries

The government of the Republic of Korea has visa-free agreements with around 100 countries. People of these countries can enter the country of Korea without a visa for 30 days or more, depending on national agreements. You can find more details on the Korean government website. The following summaries about visa-free countries.

Countries with Visa-free entry for General passport holders

Nationals of those countries or regions with which Korea has signed a visa waiver agreement can enter without visa, on the condition that they do not engage in remunerative activities during their stay. (Up to 90 days unless stated otherwise)

Continent Countries
Asia Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Brunei (30 Days), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
America United States, Canada (6 Months), Guyana (30 Days), Guatemala, Grenada, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Mexico, Barbados, Bahamas, Venezuela, Brazil, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Suriname, Argentina, Haiti, Antigua & Barbuda, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras (30 Days), Uruguay, Jamaica, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Panama, Paraguay (30 Days), Peru
Europe Andorra (30 Days), Monaco (30 Days), San Marino (30 Days), Cyprus (30 Days), Albania (30 Days), Croatia, Slovenia, Vatican (30 Days), Bosnia-Herzegovina (30 Days), Serbia, Montenegro (30 Days), Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia (60 Days / 90 Days total within a 180 day-period), Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Malta, Belgium, Bulgaria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Iceland, Ireland, Estonia, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan (30 Days), Turkey, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary
Oceania Australia (30 Days), Guam (30 Days), Fiji (30 Days), Nauru (30 Days), Palau (30 Days), Kiribati (30 Days), Marshall Islands (30 Days), Solomon Islands (30 Days), Micronesia (30 Days), Samoa (30 Days), Tuvalu (30 Days), Tonga (30 Days), New Zealand
Africa & Middle East Republic of South Africa (30 Days), Mauritius (30 Days), Seychelles (30 Days), Swaziland (30 Days), Botswana, Morocco, Saudi Arabia (30 Days), Arab Emirates, Oman (30 Days), Qatar (30 Days), Kuwait, Bahrain (30 Days), Liberia, Lesotho (60 Days), Israel, Tunisia (30 Days)

Countries with Visa-free entry for Diplomatic & Official Passport Holders

Official passport refers to those issued to government employees for official business

Passport type Countries
Diplomatic & Official Indonesia (30 Days), Lebanon (30 Days), Gabon, Bolivia, Ukraine, Laos, Cyprus, Armenia, Japan, Mozambique, Argentina, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan (30 Days), China (30 Days), Mongolia, Algeria, Cape Verde, Myanmar, Angola (30 Days), Cambodia (60 Days), Vanuatu, Oman, Croatia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan (30 Days), Benin, Ecuador (Diplomatic: Duration of mission / Official: 3 Months), Tajikistan, Vietnam, Iran (3 Months), Paraguay, Belarus, Egypt, Pakistan (3 Months), Belize, India, Philippines (Unlimited)
Diplomatic only Jordan, Uzbekistan (60 Days), Turkmenistan (30 Days)